Do ‘Dopamine Fasts’ Really Work?

We live in an increasingly fast-paced society, brimming with new technology and lightning-quick media coverage.

In 10 seconds, you can:

– Pick up your phone…

– Open Twitter, YouTube or Google…

And then:

– Watch the latest news

– Discover the stock prices of thousands of companies

– Learn any skill imaginable 

– Or contact someone from halfway across the world

So why is everyone talking about ‘dopamine fasts’ where you deprive yourself of all of these amazing tools? 

Having instant access to infinite knowledge creates short-attention spans. 

Media companies whole businesses revolves around keeping people hooked on their website. They’re multi-billion dollar companies and you can bet they’re good at it. 

They’re experts at feeding you ultra-short, snappy content that you can skip through and dip in/out of quickly. This is the best way to keep you hooked. You’re getting many many dopamine hits every minute in your brain. 

These platforms profit from your short attention span. 

This will destroy your productivity. Do you…

– Find it hard to concentrate over a long period of time? 

– Are you able to sit down and read a novel for 30 minutes?

– Can you put your phone down for a few hours and not reach for it?

From my research, dopamine fasts can help to reset your mind and improve your attention levels. 

Like any addiction, breaking your constant consumption helps you overcome the worst of it. By stopping the continuous dopamine hits from the easy-access media, you’ll improve your productivity. 

All you have to do is stop consuming anything that fires the dopamine in your brain. That’s stopping anything entertaining, interesting or stimulating. 

You can try these changes for 24 hours: 

– No screens

– No ‘tasty’ food/drink

– No music

– No reading

– No physical stimulation (exercise, etc)

You can:

– Think

– Write

– Walk 

Remember, getting the right amount of dopamine for you is important. You don’t want to be overstimulated all the time. This strategy has been designed to help people who are getting too much. 

But you shouldn’t always live in a state of low dopamine levels. Absolute minimum levels all the time probably won’t make your productivity very high.

As with everything in life, balance is key.

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