'Niche Accounts'

A New Way To Sell Online

You’re here because you want to discover a new, unique side hustle.

My name’s Will, and I’ve been hustlin’ with ‘niche accounts’ since 2016.

I’ve been able to make money simply by tweeting.

I’ve grown a network of Twitter accounts to over 300,000 followers combined and they work and sell for me when I sleep.

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What are 'Niche Accounts'?

Niche accounts are what some people describe as ‘parody accounts’.

They’re anonymous but are based around a certain theme or niche. 

For example, I’m sure you’ve seen accounts dedicated to posting pictures of dogs, motivational tweets or architecture. 

These accounts just share content in their niche. For example, I used to run pages posting pictures of beaches, pastel aesthetics and memes.

Popular accounts with creative themes can have incredible growth and rack up hundreds of thousands of followers.

So... what can I do with 'Niche Accounts'?

Any large audience you have is powerful.

Imagine if you have 5 popular accounts, each with 20,000 followers. 

Your network will be able to reach 50,000 people directly, and hundreds of thousands indirectly as your tweets are shared by your followers.

That’s powerful.

People follow your account for specific content. They begin to love the content you put out and trust your brand.

You can set up an online store and sell products, in your niche, directly to a hungry audience.

Twitter niche accounts are an amazing way to do this. 

Last year, I was able to generate almost $4,000 in sales by simply tweeting. 

No paid adverts, just free traffic from two Twitter accounts in an unusual niche.

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It’s a fantastic side hustle because it feels like you’re playing a game.

It’s so satisfying to see your numbers go up and up every month.

All while staying anonymous and not even showing your face.

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